I’ve had a great time the past few years joining book club conversations. I’ve met some amazing women through our shared love of books. Feel free to contact me here if you’d like me to call in, video in, or visit your book club!

The Wedding Sisters Book Club Guide

1. In the book’s opening, Meryl is a young mother surrounded by the chaotic delight of her family. How has her feeling about her role as mother changed by the time her daughters are grown and planning their weddings?

2. As Meryl anxiously gets ready to meet her future in-laws, her husband says, “Remember, it’s not about you.” Is Meryl making the wedding about herself, or is she really doing everything in the best interest of her daughter? 

3. Out of the three sisters, the oldest, Meg, is the first to get engaged. Would the engagements that follow for Amy and Jo have happened if not for Meg’s wedding plans? Why or why not?

4. How are the stresses of the Becker family’s wedding plans universal, and how are they unique to this particular family?

5. How do the traditional expectations and etiquette of wedding planning effect the families? Should such rules still apply in modern times?

6. Meryl has always had a strained relationship with her own mother, Rose. Is Meryl at all responsible for their rift? Why or why not? In what ways does the wedding planning further push them apart, and in what ways does it bring them closer together?  

7. Meryl is upset not only with the timing of Hugh’s work crisis, but also with the position he takes on the controversy. Is she right to be annoyed with him, or should she be more supportive? Do you empathize with Hugh’s stance at his school, or is he being reckless? 

8. When Meryl finds herself drawn to a man from her youth, is it nostalgia for the past or is it her frustration with her present? How do Hugh’s actions and attitude contribute to her newfound friendship?

9. Is Meg justified in feeling that Stowe puts the needs of his family before their relationship? At what point in a relationship should a person’s priority shift from their nuclear family to their significant other?

10.Youngest sister Jo has always been a free spirit and impetuous. In what ways does this serve her well and it what ways does it hurt her? 

11.  How does Amy’s feeling of being in constant competition with Meg affect her choices throughout the book? Is there a sense that this competition has diminished by the end of the book, or is it more likely this will always be the dynamic between the two sisters?

12. Has Hugh changed as a husband by the end? Or has only Meryl’s perception of him changed? 

 13. On a wedding day full of surprises, whose actions were the most unexpected? Did the sisters end up where they belonged?

 14. How do you imagine the lives of each of the three sisters ten years after the book ends?