Visiting a book club in Southbury, Connecticut

Visiting a book club in Southbury, Connecticut

I’ve had a great time the past few years joining book club conversations. I’ve met some amazing women through our shared love of book. Feel free to contact me here if you’d like me to call in, video in, or visit your book club!

Discussion Questions for Drawing Home

1.     When Drawing Home opens, we meet Emma as a struggling mother of a difficult teenager. Are Emma’s feelings about motherhood relatable? Why or why not?

 2.     The American Hotel is a central part of this story, and it connects both Emma and Bea to their pasts. What role does the “past” play in this book, and how does that relate to the role the past plays in our own lives?

3.     What is your first impression of Bea? Do your feelings about her change over the course of the book, and if so, how?

4.     Why does the trip to Sag Harbor trigger Kyle’s frustration? When he debated whether to stay and help Bea or leave, did he make the right decision and why?

5.     How does the dynamic of Sag Harbor year-round locals versus the wealthy summer visitors play out throughout the story?

 6.     Did you relate to Angus’s feelings about the new house? How did the inheritance change his attitude towards his own life?

7.     Who was your favorite character in this story and why?

8.     What do you think about the choice Henry Wyatt made at the end of his life?

 9. What do you think about Emma’s sentiment that the “hardest part of motherhood is letting go?” Would you have made the decision that she made if you were in her situation?

 10. If we were to visit these characters next summer in Sag Harbor, what do you think we would find?